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Mike Peters is a very experienced and talented piano / vocalist with an extensive and varied repertoire.

Some background:
Mike spent his early years in Rock & Roll bands during which time he also studied and then taught synthesiser and music programming.

During the late 1980's he joined Albert Studios, recording and learning production under Vanda and Young of the 'Easybeats' fame. While there he recorded an album and several singles with his brother Stewart as the MSP Band. They enjoyed some chart success and toured under the guidance of their mentors Vanda and Young. Mike also played keyboard sessions on some of the Vanda & Young 'Flash & the Pan' recordings.

Mike decided to go his own way as a solo piano/vocal artist in the late 1980's, working the notorious rock & roll piano bar at Cronulla Sharks Leagues Club every Thursday to Sunday. The nights there were legendary. He attracted a huge following and continued to preside over that bar for more than six years.

Deciding a change in direction was in order, Mike began a long stay at the Trade Union Club in Sydney. He continued to develop his technique while diversifying and extending his song list to include lounge music and songs from the '30s and '40's.

In 1998 Mike began to work freelance in the piano bars and restaurants of Sydney. He has always been in great demand at clubs, hotels and bars and was one of the hardest working piano player / vocalists in Sydney for some years.

In May of 2003 it was time to relocate and he moved to a beautiful historic town in Tasmania, not far from Hobart. From here he continues to work and perform all over Australia.

Mike has recently added a digital keyboard to his set up for those occasions when a piano is not readily available. He has programmed it to respond live to his touch and rarely uses any form of sequencing unless absolutely necessary. He is usually able to produce everything he needs totally live.

In the tranquility of the tiny hamlet of Franklin Tasmania he has begun to record again. This time it's a long awaited CD of 'most requested' songs from his live repertoire. We hope to see it available late in 2004.

This performer is well known for his versatility and his personality. He commands a repertoire of over 500 songs and offers his patrons a 'Song Request Menu' to choose from. The menu ranges from pop and rock & roll through to ragtime and old favourites. It's not unusual to see the piano littered with the requests of patrons.

Mike Peters moves effortlessly from a relaxed easy style, to sing-along and into rock and roll. He can fill a dance floor - or discreetly melt into the background with romantic lounge music. Whatever the room requires.

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