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QUINTON DUNNE B Mus [Jazz],Grad Dip Ed has worked as a professional vocalist and double bassist in many stylistic settings. He has toured or recorded with The Seekers, Doug Parkinson, Swanee the Drifters and many other fine artists. He formed his production house “Rockola Music” in 1993 to create high quality music shows for children, working at different times as educator, musician, composer, performer, producer and director.

PHIL SMITH B Mus [jazz] is a versatile and experienced pianist. He has performed with many of Australia’s top cabaret performers, Doug Parkinson, Kate Ceberano, Julie Anthony and John Paul Young to name a few. Phil has been resident pianist at resorts in Cairns, Port Douglas, Dunk and Hamilton Islands.

MARK MYER has been playing drums professionally since 1973 and has commanded the drum chair for the cream of the Australian Music Industry.
He has toured and recorded some of Australia’s best Albums with Marcia Hines .Richard Clapton, Rick Price, Ross Wilson, Lee Kernaghan, Jon English, Mark Hunter and Grace Knight amongst many others. Since moving to Adelaide in 1998 he has concentrated on songwriting and producing new artists.

GABRIEL CHAMMAH B Ed[ Music] plays tenor sax, flute and clarinet and has been a professional musician since 1982. He has played with some of the greatest names in show business such as Lou Rawles and Shirly Bassie as well as great Australian artists like Gelen Shorick , Marina Prior and Tommy Tiko in the ASO pops concerts.

CATHERINE LAMBERT is considered by the music industry and the general public alike to be “Adelaide’s leading lady of song”. She has performed with some of the country’s greats: Tommy Emmanual, Don Burrows, James Morrisson as well as touring with international acts such as BB King and Dianne Reeves. Sophia Coppola (director) cast Catherie in the role of singer/character in the feature film “Lost in Translation” starring Bill Murray and Scarlet Johannsen
In March of 2003 Catherine won a supporting role in the film “Peaches” starring Hugo Weaving and Jacqueline McKenzie due for release 2004.

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