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trevor knight

"A songwriter's singer. He delivers with his own special style. and soul. I envy his talent!!" - Ray Martin

  • Trevor was born in England and was brought up in the strict English boarding school system, learning classical piano and playing the organ for the Sunday church services.The emergence of folk music in the mid sixties led by such names as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Pete Seeger and Peter Paul and Mary changed Trevor's attitude to music, here was a style in which he could express his own feelings, in his own way.
  • Trevor swapped his piano for a guitar, donned duffel coat and jeans and headed off with high hopes to the local folk club, there he found that it was not as easy as he thought, being just 14, but, after a few rather comical attempts he started to get it right!Within a couple of years he was playing the folk club circuit and rock and roll dances during the band breaks where he kept the money that was thrown at him, a painful but financially rewarding experience!!At 16 years of age he took a solo journey to the USA. It was an exciting and rather long way from his life as an English public schoolboy, but it was an adventure the would set the pattern of Trevor's life.
  • Travelling and singing became his lifestyle, hitchhiking through Europe, sailing the Mediterranean, a return Odyssey through North America and eventually Australia in 1974.Whilst working as a stockman, in the Snowy Mountains, he realised that he found his home, and a year to the day of his arrival in Australia he became an Australian citizen.
  • Since that time, his career has flourished, performing regularly on television, shows all over the country and overseas, and fulfilling one of his long time ambitions, a concert at the Sydney Opera House. Trevor has never lost his love of the bush and is a horseman of some note having represented New South Wales in the Tom Quilty 100 miles endurance ride twice and travelled to every state in Australia to compete in this prestigious event with his beloved Valinor Park Armistice, a horse that he bred and delivered himself on the 11th. Hour of the 11th. Day of November 1983, hence the name!
  • Whatever and wherever Trevor sings, he gives his all, music is his life and he conveys this love to his audience. As Ray Martin said "He delivers with his own special style...and soul. ..I envy his talent"

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