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trevor knight
trevor knight

Across the Miles - the new Trevor Knight CD
Across the Miles sees the return to the country music scene of spellbinding
storyteller, singer and songwriter Trevor Knight. Music is Trevor's life
and when he sings he conveys this love to his audience.

Trevor is a two-time Golden Guitar winner and has received nine nominations. He has played
extensively overseas and is a top rated entertainer for P&O Cruises. Trevor has worked with
Gordon Lightfoot, Tom Paxton, Neil Sedaka, Pam Ayres, Foster & Allen, John Denver and many
others. He is also well known for The Spirit of the Eagle show, which showcases the music of
John Denver.

Across the Miles contains twelve beautiful songs mostly written by Trevor and Allan
Caswell, one of Australia's finest songwriters. As Trevor says: "I've known
Allan since the late 70's and worked with him in the 80's when we were
nominated for a Golden Guitar for Spirit of the Green and Gold. I've always
loved his work and we now make a great song writing team."

Allan goes on to say: "Trevor and I have performed and recorded together for
years but when he asked me to work with him on this album, things really
clicked. Trevor writes wonderful tunes and has a faultless sense of
arrangement. I'm proud of the songs on Across the Miles and working with
Trevor (and Al Craig from Black Inc Studios) proved to be one of the most
rewarding creative experiences of my career".

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    Click the links below to sample some tracks from this new CD (they are in mp3 format)

Across the Miles
The bitter sweetness of a long distance relationship
Roll River Roll
I started writing this song when I was living in Canada, a wide open song.
The river of life flows on...this is the story of my life
11 Years Old with a Gun in his Hand Knight/Caswell Inspired by a news item; an American soldier had shot and killed an 11 year old Iraqi boy. He said "It was him or me...he had a gun in his hand."
Lonely Hearts Waltz
Allan Caswell
The story of how I met my lovely wife, Maya..... but written by Allan before it happened!
The Game
Is war like a game of cricket in which we are players, or a game of chess in which we are pawns?
Georgia's Song

A song for Allan's beautiful young daughter, Georgia.
The Mary Ellen Carter
Stan Rogers
The late Stan Rogers from Canada wrote this: "No matter what you've lost, be it a home...a love...a friend, like the Mary Ellen Carter...rise again!"
Five Inches of Rain
A song of drought, but never wish too hard for what you want, because one day you may get it!
The Day I Danced on the Moon
Inspirerd by a safari into Oman.... an Arabian Dream
The Ballad of Tom Quilty
Trevor Knight
The Tom Quilty 100 mile Gold Cup is one of the greatest horse endurance races in the world.
When Someone Sings (Advance Australia Fair)
This is our song about our National Anthem.
From the Heart
My first song for Maya, but not my last!

Trevor Knight leads an exciting and diverse life. Apart from being a
talented singer/songwriter Trevor breeds Arabian horses and lives on a farm
on the South Coast of NSW
In 1998 he was part of the Australian Endurance Team that went to
the World Championship Race in the United Arab Emirates. Trevor has ridden
mighty horses to win five completion buckles in the Tom Quilty 100 mile
endurance ride.

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